The True Meaning of Blessing in Disguise

Patrick McAndrew July 12, 2019

What blessing in disguise really means: A metaphysical review

Life is filled with missed opportunities, outright nuisances, and setbacks—most of them are unavoidable. These situations can be stressful, but it depends on one’s perception on how he or she wants his or her life to move on. For example, when one becomes engulfed by adverse situations . . .

Forgiveness and Detachment—2 among the 5 Tools Your Spiritual Journey Needs

Patrick McAndrew July 12, 2019

Why you should master the art of emotional detachment and study biblical verses on forgiveness

There are five simple tools that help in one’s spiritual journey: the law of mind action, forgiveness, detachment, nonjudgmental, and nonresistance. Due to the limited scope of this post, it’s impossible to discuss all these here. The emphasis of this content . . .

Complete Surrender to God’s Plan

Patrick McAndrew July 12, 2019

Comprehending God’s simple plan of salvation for humans whom He created

God created humans in God’s own image and likeness—where image stands for capacity, not structure or shape. God’s plan for them were certain promises they would experience if they “simply lived” in an awareness of The One Presence and Power that surrounded and enfolded them . . .

Practical Tips on Following Jesus

Patrick McAndrew July 12, 2019

Following the steps of Jesus—some effective tips to help you

Following Jesus may sound simple, but a lot of us find it confusing since some don’t know what it means to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Following Jesus’s path means the desire to follow the teachings and the examples he left us, having complete faith in Spirit’s Presence, being ready . . .

What the Bible Says about Anger Management

Patrick McAndrew July 12, 2019

Effective anger management therapy through the Bible

Anger is an extremely negative feeling. But instead of seeking anger management counselling that would help manage anger better, most of us hold on to anger and the grudges and the bitterness, hoping to make the cause of our anger suffer. However, it’s actually the one holding on to the anger who suffer . . .