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Being the Way

Being the Way is a collection of spiritual concepts and real-life experiences of author Patrick McAndrew in his spiritual journey. By relating his personal experiences to the events and passages in the Bible, he reveals God’s undying love. His own spiritual awakening did not come easy for him, this is why he aims to guide people as they go through this process, encouraging them to let go of the past and embrace the future with a renewed perspective.

Patrick McAndrew has a creative way of presenting Bible teachings—he correlates them with books, movies, and even recent happenings throughout the world. Through this, he hopes to help more people have a clearer understanding of God’s words. His book is not just his personal account of spiritual discoveries but also an eye-opener to spiritual awakening.

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Have you ever noticed how time slows down when you start to panic? Well, the seconds passed like hours. All I could think and say was, “God help me! God help me! God help me!” I stepped on the brakes, but not too hard, because I had that enormous eighteen-wheeler just behind me, and I could hear his tires beginning to squeal. You know the sound they make just before they run over something!

The phrases “The end is near” and “repent before it’s too late” have been greatly misunderstood and misused to frighten us, and to get us to stop doing what someone else perceives we are doing wrong, and to get us to comply. While another word, “ascension,” has been primarily used to point to Jesus’s status as God’s only begotten son.

So, when we first sense the prompting of Spirit or catch a glimpse of Spirit in the world around us, sometimes our first reaction is to pull back and think, “Who am I to feel this way?” or “Who am I that I might see Spirit’s Presence; I am certainly not good enough for that!”

Easy? Well, not always. I am one of those individuals who likes everything to be orderly, and in its right place. Everything clearly and logically organized. After I have imagined how everything should be, I say “Okay, God, take care of it. Do your thing; I am ready for my miracle so go for it.”

Each of us has a divine assignment to open our heart to the New Law and to live in and express love. It is a task we each were uniquely equipped to perform. Nobody else will ever know the exact mix of people that we do. Nobody else will ever have the opportunities we have to bless their lives.

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