Witness the miracle that transformed the life of an ordinary man.

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The Miracle Before Your Eyes

Miracle before Your Eyes contains the years of wonderful experiences and discoveries of author and minister Patrick McAndrew as he was travelling in the depths of his inner being. His spiritual journey started late one night, the night he never thought would be his last night as a manager of a restaurant and the first of his miraculous journey of awakening.

All through the years, Patrick McAndrew painstakingly describes the surprising discoveries that God has revealed to him in many situations. He compiles the spiritual principles that are present in the core of religious practices. His story will spark a higher level of understanding of the miracles that bring together all that are with life and inspire someone to take his/her own spiritual journey that is forever unfolding.

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This is the prologue of Richard Bach’s book, Illusions—an insightful and powerful allegory about the way many people cling to their illusions of reality, all the while allowing the stream of life to flow over them, resisting the currents because it is the way of life they had been taught. For centuries our civilization has chosen to make saviors, even deities, out of those we revere—not only religious figures like Jesus and Buddha but also athletes, musicians, and actors. We focus on their goodness and their insights and their successes, all the while clinging to the rocks of our own personal fears and limiting beliefs that restrict their lives. Our culture has built a vast system of beliefs on what appears to be stable knowledge of the physical world, but this knowledge has not always proven to be reliable.

When one of these rocks of knowledge suddenly is disproven, our world falls into chaos, and people fight back, clinging to what they have known despite the evidence of current findings. In Jesus’ time, they believed the world to be both flat and the center of the universe; we were God’s special creation all alone in the universe. When Columbus had a theory that he could sail west and reach India, he had to flee from Italy where they thought he was insane. Eventually, Columbus was able to convince the Spanish to give him three small ships for his unlikely venture. When Galileo made the first telescope and theorized that the earth and the other planets revolved around the sun and not the earth, he was tried for heresy. There are countless examples of this tendency to cling to the rocks of our knowing. It has not been easy for humankind to give up some of its cherished beliefs—even long after they have been proved not to be true. We cling to them and try to make them work, but they do not. Just as some people cling to the theory of creationism today. While others cannot fathom that our bodies are not solid parts, but rather a collection of cells composed mostly of energy, as physics and quantum physics are proving today.

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