Forgiveness and Detachment—2 among the 5 Tools Your Spiritual Journey Needs

Patrick McAndrew July 12, 2019

Why you should master the art of emotional detachment and study biblical verses on forgiveness

Why you should master the art of emotional detachment and study biblical verses on forgiveness

There are five simple tools that help in one’s spiritual journey: the law of mind action, forgiveness, detachment, nonjudgmental, and nonresistance. Due to the limited scope of this post, it’s impossible to discuss all these here. The emphasis of this content will be on forgiveness and detachment—two key elements that would help humans on their spiritual journey.

Forgiveness helps one release the pain and hurt from within. Unless a person lets go of the hatred or bitterness, he or she will stay shackled to the experiences and pain arising from the negative feelings, and fail to know the goodness of life or the fullness of love. Even biblical verses encourage one to forgive.

Consider Jesus’s words about a person who is angry with a brother or sister would be liable to judgment or the instructs he shares with the disciples to forgive “seventy times seven” that refers to forgiveness without limit.

From Matthew 5:22–26, Genesis 45:1–15, and Job 7:21 in the Old Testament to Matthew 26:28 (New International Version), biblical verses emphasize on the importance of love and forgiveness in order for a person to find perfect peace and harmony in all things.

Emotional detachment is equally important to learn and practice. Rather than naming and labeling everything in one’s life, practicing the art of emotional detachment would let one become disconnected from his or her feelings. This in turn will help a person in letting go of the preconceived opinions, ideas, and emotional attachments that make one falter on the path of life.

True detachment doesn’t mean a separation from life. It’s the absolute freedom that one develops within one’s mind to live life to the fullest. These are the reasons forgiveness and detachment play crucial roles in how successful one’s spiritual journey would be.


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