Practical Tips on Following Jesus

Patrick McAndrew July 12, 2019

Following the steps of Jesus—some effective tips to help you

Practical Tips on Following Jesus

Following Jesus may sound simple, but a lot of us find it confusing since some don’t know what it means to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Following Jesus’s path means the desire to follow the teachings and the examples he left us, having complete faith in Spirit’s Presence, being ready and willing to listen to quiet loving promptings It shares with us and acting upon them, while surrendering our ego’s rantings in the process. It can be a serious, life-changing commitment when we agree to submit or surrender ourselves to the teachings Jesus left us, patterning our lives after his, and to place our relationship with the Sacred Spirit of All Life above our own ego’s desires and wants. Yet our education, judgment, and inherent beliefs often get in the way of this complete surrender, thus taking us far away from being one with the model of true living shared with us.

The first step in following Jesus is to study and come to understand “his teaching” within you heart and mind, and witness how he shared love with humankind. No matter what wrongs we have done or how much we have walked in darkness, asking for forgiveness and to be empowered to forgive other and so that we can rise up out of belief in lack and limitation and return home to the Father’s Love as the Prodigal Son did, a love we deserved all along. Only then will we have prepared ourselves for following Jesus’ footsteps. The second step involves prayer, meditation, and reading the Word through which our mind can be calmed so that we can hear Spirit’s call and guidance. Trusting It to show the way and guide every aspect of our lives. This is how we can finally say, “I’m following Jesus.”

Walking in Jesus footsteps won’t mean the absence of trials in life; didn’t Jesus meet challenges and hardship, but he then utilized those challenges to transform the situation so that he and we all might experience the Father’s wonder and power. When we come to understand this dynamic in life we will see every trail, every challenge, as an opportunity that will leading us into realizing Heaven’s Presence and to living in awareness of the kingdom of life, light, love, and peace.


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