The True Meaning of Blessing in Disguise

Patrick McAndrew July 12, 2019

What blessing in disguise really means: A metaphysical review

The True Meaning of Blessing in Disguise

Life is filled with missed opportunities, outright nuisances, and setbacks—most of them are unavoidable. These situations can be stressful, but it depends on one’s perception on how he or she wants his or her life to move on. For example, when one becomes engulfed by adverse situations, it’s human nature to push back. By pushing back, the person becomes more entangled in the web of adversity. Understanding the true meaning of blessing in disguise is something immensely crucial in life as it has the ability to transform one’s perception entirely. Here’s a short story that reveals what blessing in disguise means in reality.


Once, there was a man stranded on an island. Despite his repeated prayer to God, no one came to his rescue for months. During this time, the man learned the key survival strategies like constructing a little hut, hunting for food, and gathering things from the island. One day, while returning from hunting, he discovered his hut was in flames with everything he accumulated inside it. By seeing all his possessions being burned, he became furious and started cursing God for the mishap. Later, the man was rescued by a ship. After his extreme curiosity about how the crew of the ship was able to locate him was answered, the man cried. It was the smoke that acted as the guiding light for the crew.


The moral of this story is when something bad happens, it can sometimes actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise. The more one can recognize how he or she is fortunate with God’s blessings, the happier and more content he or she will be.


The way people think about problems and inconveniences needs to be changed. As the moral story revealed, blessing in disguise could be the opening of a new world filled with hope and opportunities.


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